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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Welcome to our new website! We are excited to be presenting our ministry, as well as key events and information from the project, in an easy to access way. We cannot express enough thanks to those who have already donated their support, and have pledged continued support for the foreseeable future.


Our ministry team has been appointed as the project coordinators for Project Edinburgh. This is the new focus for the Church of God's Send the Light missions project. The city was chosen due to the increasing demand for a new wave of revival. In studies we have found a sobering statistic for the amount of young people who do not profess a religion of any kind, let alone Christ as Savior. To see such a bastion of early Protestantism so low in faith is heartbreaking for Christianity. Something must be done.

Our purpose in Edinburgh is to build. We will, of course, build a church. But this church is only the start, as more churches will spring out from this first one. Christianity is not a foreign concept to the vast majority of the population in Scotland, but there is no longer an enthusiasm, or thirst for God as there once was. Our calling is to bring back that enthusiasm.

Join us as we spark a revival that spans the entire United Kingdom.

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